MAY 16, 2001

(See Indictment Information)

SPRINGFIELD MA:  In a precedence setting court action, the three top executives of American Inventors Corporation (AIC) officially changed their pleas to guilty. In federal District Court presided over by Judge Michael Sponsor they all accepted a prosecution deal which includes prison time.

Ronald Boulerice, owner and president of AIC, facing a maximum sentence of 53 years, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and filing false tax returns. As part of a prosecution deal, Boulerice would receive 8 years in prison, and forfeiture of all assets. Also part of the deal, his wife Judy would not be prosecuted. This arrangement still needs the approval of Judge Sponsor.

Codefendant John Samson, vice-president of AIC and president of American Institute for Research and Development (AIRD) also pleaded guilty to five counts of the 18 count indictment. Samson was facing a maximum sentence of 33 years in prison. Under the agreement Samson would serve 3 years in prison, one year under house arrest and forfeiture of 50% of his assets. It was pointed out by the prosecutor William Welch that Samson cooperated substantially with the prosecutors.

AIC salesman John Hoime pleaded guilty to one count of misprision of a felony. Hoime told prosecutors that he did not admit to taking part in the criminal activities, he did know that felonies were being committed and did not report them. As part of the arrangement Hoime would receive 18 months in federal prison.

Judge Ponsor made it plain to all defendants that although there was a deal struck between the prosecutors and the defendants, he had the final say so in sentencing. Judge Ponsor also warned defendants that he could impose sentences far in excess of those agreed upon. Sentencing is scheduled for September, 2001. 

It should be noted that federal crimes do not receive parole. Only a small amount of time can be deducted for good behavior. In essence, 8 years means 8 years. All the indicted AIC and AIRD salespeople came to various arrangements with the courts. The only trials left to be held are for Boulerice's two adopted daughters and patent attorney Leon Gilden. Gilden is a fugitive at large.

According to the FTC, this is the first time that criminal charges have been filed against an invention promoter.  I hope that this case has now established a precedence, much like the previous FTC raids on invention promoters. Criminal prosecutors now have a blueprint for success. May 14, 2001 was another day in history.

Bob Lougher, Executive Director UIA


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